Truth Bombshell: 9 peer-reviewed studies conclude that Ivermectin is a powerful, highly-effective anti-cancer drug – The COVID BlogT

The mRNA and viral vector injections, along with Remdesivir, combine for a quick two-year, $200 billion global racket for big pharma and Bill Gates. Ivermectin is a proven, powerful drug to treat and prevent so-called COVID-19, according to 108 peer-reviewed studies. The Ivermectin Merck patents are long expired. So the cheap, $1-per-dose, Nobel Prize-winning drug poses a serious threat not only to the emergency use authorizations for the lethal injections, but also to the temporary COVID-19 racket. But those simply cannot be the only reasons for the persistent, petulant, childish mainstream media anti-Ivermectin propaganda.

The cancer industry will surpass $522 billion per year by 2028, according to Global Market Insights. Market analytics firm Precedent Research predicts the cancer industrial complex will surpass $581 billion annually by 2030The COVID Blog™ has chronicled the strong correlation (perhaps causal relationship) between mRNA injections and cancer. Cancer has been a goldmine for big pharma since the 1960s. The average cancer patient is worth about $160,000 to the cancer industrial complex. Big pharma will never offer a cure, nor will the industry allow off-label, cheap, effective cancer treatments.

This blogger has seen scattered studies concluding that Ivermectin not only inhibits cancer cell growth, but also kills cancer cells. Perhaps placing nine said studies into one article can help disrupt the cancer industrial complex and wake up the snoozing masse