ELEPHANT in the ROOM: Five billion dollars paid out for vaccine-induced injuries in two decades, but nobody ever casts proper blame in mainstream media –

Are you or a loved one suffering from “ABV” – Anything Besides Vaccines disease? Mainstream media, most doctors, and most nurses across the US are suffering from ABV disease, where no matter what, they can never blame vaccines for any health damage, disease, disorder or even death. Some are just brainwashed. Others fear for their jobs. Even when the injury is sustained immediately after getting a toxic jab, like the mRNA or J&J Covid stab, they still won’t admit the damage is from the vaccine.

Cold showers and referee whistles now to blame for young men having sudden heart attacks, pay no attention to COVID-19 jabs that clot blood and cause myocarditis

Have you heard of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)? That’s when you die from blood clots induced by the COVID-19 spike protein “vaccines” and the CDC and fake-news-mass-media call it death by surprise sounds or cold water.

That’s right, young, healthy athletes, especially men, are suddenly dropping dead like flies when they hear that darned referee or umpire whistle during sporting events. It’s so abrupt and acute, it gives them a heart attack. Don’t mention their severe myocarditis and/or pericarditis conditions caused directly by the Fauci Flu clot shots.

Other young, healthy adult men, like in the college and professional sports, or the military, are going into immediate cardiac arrest when they take those cold showers and the water hits them like a frozen Mack truck. Well, not really. It’s the fact that their entire vascular system is clogged with sticky spiked prions that put intense strain on the heart, but that’s never mentioned by anyone who is afraid of Big Pharma wrath.