EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans blast Biden for colluding with left-wing groups on voting exec. order | Just The News

The “Promoting Access to Voting” Act (Executive Order 14019) was signed by the president in March 2021. It instructed agencies to work on ways of expanding citizens' opportunities to register to vote and participate in the political process and subsequently submit their strategic planning to the White House Domestic Policy Council. 

In the letter exclusively obtained by Just the News, several House Republicans, including ranking House Judiciary Committee member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and ranking Oversight Committee member James Comer (R-Ky.), outline their concerns with the order. In particular, GOP congressmen write that the secrecy with which the administration has conducted its voter registration push is of concern. 


 Voting E.O. letter.pdf

“Democrats took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic to radically alter election administration in several key states, including by abruptly implementing all-mail voting in states without the necessary preparation, training, equipment, space, or personnel and by weakening election integrity measures,” the letter reads.

The letter also states: “Despite the requirements of E.O. 14019 (the Promoting Access to Voting act) that agencies submit their voter registration plans to the Domestic Policy Council, a new report suggests that the Biden White House has stonewalled public transparency surrounding these plans … because of this secrecy, it is impossible to know whether these voter registration plans amount to a misuse of government resources to selectively target groups likely to vote for Democrat candidates.”

Jordan told Just the News on Friday: “Nationalizing elections are never the answer. Joe Biden's latest executive order is nothing more than a power grab meant to misuse government resources for selective voter turn-out operations. The Constitution mandates that states, not Joe Biden, run our elections. Period.”