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The review and update of the 146-page manual, being done in partnership with the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health, was slammed by critics.

“It is a dismissal of basic biology – and [a] mistake,” Jenny Gamble, a professor in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health at Coventry University, told the Daily Mail. “Biology is a key determinant of health and illness.”

The new guidance could lead to unforeseen issues, Gamble said: “Not being clear about basic biology opens the door to a range of problems, including very poor health communication but also distorted data.”

Another expert in nursing and midwifery at Western Sydney University concurred, saying WHO’s new forthcoming guidance is worrisome.

“The wording regarding there being more than male and female sexes is concerning,” Dr. Karleen Gribble told the Daily Mail. “The website says that the handbook is being updated in light of new scientific evidence and conceptual progress on gender, health and development.”

But there’s no “scientific evidence” suggesting more than two sexes, Gribble said. “Rather, the idea that there are more than two sexes, is a postmodern, unscientific understanding that should not be supported by the WHO.”