SecDef Austin And Generals Pushing Vax Are Working For China And Must Be Relieved, Arrested, Prosecuted Immediately – CD Media

Recently, Dr. Naomi Wolf, after her team of 3,000 volunteers unearthed information from the Pfizer document dump that a judge forced to be released, declared that the Chinese Communist Party is manufacturing the Covid-19 vaccines in the United States, along with the Covid pills, and PCR tests.


This comes on the heels of her announcing the horrific, and widespread vaccine injuries in the clinical trials Pfizer lied about to get the ‘vaccine’ approved.

Dr. Wolf declared the Covid-19 vaccines a bioweapon, unleashed by the CCP which has already killed over one million Americans, along with destroying our economy.

We concur with this diagnosis.

We are at war with the Chines Communist Party.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is aiding and abetting the enemy by forcing this bioweapon on our armed forces , in order to weaken our military for the CCP. This also goes for the senior officers colluding with Austin, forcing the vaccine on our troops.

More than 260,000 troops stand to be discharged over this policy, reported Breitbart.