US Faces Pilot Shortage After COVID Mandates – Headline USA

(Chris ParkerHeadline USA) The Biden administration’s tyrannical COVID mandates, combined with excessive regulations and red tape, continue to stagger segments of the economy. The travel and tourism industry, specifically, is now suffering from a critical shortage of pilots.

The pain was felt by thousand of Americans during the July 4 weekend as over 20,000 flights were either canceled or delayed, despite mostly clear weather across the nation.

Current and former pilots blame a trifecta of government infringements for the critical shortage, reported The Federalist.

COVID mandates are largely to blame, pilots said. The U.S. Freedom Flyers grassroots organization assembled around 15,000 employees to protest the vaccine requirement and other mandates. Many of those employees quit when their voices were ignored.

Many pilots also sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over its mandates citing safety concerns, significant legal pressure on airline employees to unofficially double as federal agents, and a lack of scientific evidence in their efficacy.