The Horrors Of Transgender Surgeries – GreatGameIndia

Whistleblowers are stepping forth one by one to share their stories – terrible accounts of how they were harmed by medical personnel brainwashed by transgender ideology.

There was Keira Bell, the brave young woman who sued the medical profession for “transitioning” her to be a male without making her aware of the seriousness of what she was doing. There was the shocking BBC piece in which journalists questioned professionals who supported transgender ideology but were shocked by the long-term harm being done to young people.

There are now charges from yet another “de-transitioner.” According to the New York Times, Ritchie Herron endeavored to live as a “transgender woman” for a period, even undergoing “vaginoplasty surgery,” which culminated in chronic pain, trouble peeing, and a lack of sex drive. (These side effects are similar to another horrible de-transitioner testimonial reported last month.  Read it at your own risk.)