West Hollywood Votes to Defund Sheriff’s Department amid Soaring Violent Crime – Slay News

West Hollywood’s Democrat-controlled City Council has voted to defund the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, despite concerns from residents and business owners amid soaring violent crime.

At the council’s meeting on Monday night, officials voted to slash the sheriff’s budget, despite a public backlash against the idea as the Los Angeles residents are plagued by out-of-control crime.

The measure was passed on a vote of 3-2.

Mayor Pro Tem Sepi Shyne voted for it as did Councilmembers Lindsey Horvath and John D’Amico. Mayor Lauren Meister and Councilmember John Erickson voted against it.

“Prioritizing people’s safety doesn’t just mean people with badges and guns on the street,” Councilmember Lindsey P. Horvath said during the meeting.

“We have to find another way to keep our residents safe in a way that is affordable.”

Meister said: “I’m not going to vote for the budget if we cut the sheriff’s funds.

“First of all, nobody has the gun problem that we have in this country.

“You can’t expect us to have a public safety team where most of the people aren’t armed in order to defend our citizens.”