Social Justice Warriors and Their Greatest Victims | FrontpageMag

The delusional sociopaths who identify as progressives are, as usual, just the opposite of what they claim. Everything they are forcing on society today – without our consent, like rapists – has been done before. If they were honest, they would identify as primitive, regressive extremists – even terrorists, for so many people live in abject terror of raising a peep of objection, and for good reason.

Homosexual marriage dates back to the times of Noach, when that little social experiment first brought God's wrath upon the world. I'm sure He appreciates the way today's love-spreaders chose the rainbow as their symbol for parading over thou-shalt-nots. They stick it in God's face as they stick it in ours.

Crossdressing harks back to ancient times as well (Devarim 22:5), and its direct association with sexual immorality was the real point back then, too (Rashi). It's one of a handful of things the Torah refers to as to'eva, an abomination, something to be utterly rejected. Today's faux-progressives can play dress-up more convincingly, abetted by technological advances in mutilation, but intellectually speaking they are still mere copycats.

Note: Charges of “homophobia” and its newly born pretend-child, “transphobia”, are similarly misapplied. It shouldn't surprise us, but they can't even get it right with the name-calling. First of all, considering the destruction this sort of behavior has historically wrought upon the world, and the clear biblical warnings not to play that game again, there is plenty to be afraid of. The activists who are raping society with this ideology are endangering people far more than they like to believe anyone is threatening them. Yet more projection from the different-rules-for-you, faux-equity camp.