WATCH: Devin Nunez Says People WILL Go To Jail For Russia Hoax – And Heads Will Roll As Durham Targets FBI – enVolve

Americans are growing weary of hearing about forward movements from the reports and actions of Special Counsel John Durham and then seeing no consequences for the people he proves are guilty – who are dependent on the Federal Government and yet- still- abuse the American people.  The whole thing makes people see a two-tiered system of justice.

According to one high-level source, the crimes that Durham is investigating happened in Washington DC, so he has no choice but to put them on trial in Washington DC- where the majority of people are not loyal to the United States of America- or to Americans, but who are corporate players protecting their networks and their personal opportunities. They are a jury of peers of lawbreakers–so what can we expect?

The problem is the massive centralized government has many paid allies- and our civil servants have betrayed the American people- and our Republic. They are not there to serve a higher purpose. That beautiful dream is long past gone.