Web site, Radio, and Mission Update..prayers answered




I just do not want to say it out loud as most of you know we have had a terrible time with our transportation recently, a kind donation made me finally seem, and I say seem because I said fixed before and the roof came in, get my truck fixed….the ministry van is also on the road, I do want to get a transmission filter and fluid changed soon…but for now we are up and running! SO PRAYERS ANSWERED……


Web site:

I have very limited ability to work on web sites I need help, something I may have found but in order to get it where I need to I need an upgrade to our web site and buy some plug ins…I tried an upgrade but lost it after buying as I did not know about my account so I created a new one…it’s lost…it is so hard to get people to donate to radio and web work…so pray I get funds in for this goal? $1,500 and while I am at it I need a new computer or a real good used one for the Mission church as the one there takes forever to do anything on it….


Mission church Stove:

We have a new stove over  year old, it was a very great gift and new but has never worked right, Tuesday once again it failed as the over sometimes just stays on pre heat…wow when it happened Tuesday my wife opened the over to find that dinner was still frozen! We had many people out said it intense heat waiting on food…it was a mess but my miracle worker wife saved the day heating on top but wow it was bad and so much pressure on her…/pray for a new stove!


Stock up:

All of you folks need to make sure your homes are stocked as thing are getting very, very, bad around August and into the mid terms it will be really, really bad….and yes that other side is really trying to push Russia into attacking a NATO country so they can have a nuclear war I kid you not! So first make sure your house is in order with the FATHER and SON….what is coming here is also a good place to check in

The Prophecy Club ( say a special prayer for these folks please)

We are far from where we need to on stocking up, I really need to raise some fund of any-kind to get some meat and other things…Pray also for this.

We are all in our FATHER’S hands…


Pray please for our families protection as I do for yours, our two sons are still under a spiritual attack from someone Russian …I cannot go into details but pray for them.



Send me some new guests that know what is going on so we can warn the world….We have been on radio since 2002…MISSION CHURCH has now started it’s 23rd year….


4th of July:

Generally we do a big family celebration each year as we are patriotic and it my birthday..yep I will be 67 this year! Not sure how big it will be this year as funds are needed for some much else.


Pay pal get’s to us fast and if it’s mailed make sure you say what it’s for, you could even say for this “UPDATE”


Lift us in prayer, help if you can


In HIS Perfect Peace,


Pastor Dan Catlin



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