Watch: Clinical Sexologist Reacts to ‘Child-Friendly’ Drag Shows – ‘It’s Called Visual Sexual Abuse’

Footage from inside the gay bar in Dallas, Texas (Mr. Misster) that hosted the drag show for children as part of #PrideMonth. Video by

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) June 4, 2022

In response to this event, licensed mental health counselor Dr. Ingrid Thrall wrote a comment on Instagram detailing how an event like this one could harm children.

I am a clinical sexologist,” Thrall wrote. “I work with clients that have experienced different types of sexual trauma. Exposure to sexual material at an inappropriate (too young) age causes trauma.

“It can take years to unravel and it affects a person’s adult relationships and life adversely.” “I have absolutely no issue with anyone being transgender or identifying as such,” Thrall said. “But I also work with sexual trauma, and I’ve had numerous cases where an individual is struggling in a relationship and possibly even, I’ve seen in a few incidences, [has] a type of paraphilia [as a possible result].

“One gentleman struggled with what is called voyeurism, and we linked it back to early exposure of some sexually explicit material that he witnessed when he was very young. Certainly correlation is not causation, but it’s curious when you see this pattern over and over again. You start asking yourself, ‘Maybe there is something to this?'”