The Democrats’ Insurrection Circus Ignores the Real Insurrection | FrontpageMag

As the Democrats’ prime-time Jan. 6 circus began, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) explained “the real purpose” of their televised hearings: “convincing Americans that conservatives are to blame for the events of that day,” leading to “a repudiation of conservatism and all those who hold conservative values. Democrats want to use the violence of Jan. 6 to stigmatize conservative voices and delegitimize conservative ideals. They’ve even talked—condescendingly, of course—about treating conservatives as ‘cult’ members who need to be deprogrammed.” In service of this goal, they’re not just running a prime-time show trial, but persecuting ordinary Americans who protested that day, and ignoring, of course, the real insurrection – the one they supported.

Last Tuesday, BlazeTV host Steve Deace tweeted a harrowing message from a “January Sixther” that demonstrates how far what is happening regarding Jan. 6 really is from actual justice, and shows that it is all a dirty political game in which Democrats are victimizing decent people in order to prop up their ridiculous and baseless “insurrection” narrative.

“I am a husband and father who has zero criminal history,” this man wrote to Deace, “and I am looking at years in prison AFTER I took a plea. You may ask why would people take a plea if they are innocent? Innocent has nothing to do with this as my lawyer has told over and over again. This is payback. There are only a handful of representatives in DC that care about us. The vast majority couldn’t care less.”

The man explains: “I wasn’t violent, I didn’t break anything, I didn’t steal anything and that doesn’t matter. I lost my 6 figure income, friends, and my family is a wreck. I had the FBI in my home, I was brought before a judge in shackles. And I am a lucky one.