New World Order Is Coming, Whether Believers Like It or Not – Charisma News

Global governance is not a conspiracy theory but a confrontative truth. The “gospel” of global government and the unification of the world is secularly described as globalism. Its spiritual roots draw life not from trusting God's wisdom, grace and power, but from man's desire to sever dependence on his Creator and to depend upon mankind's “good nature” to do the right thing for the “common good,” and hence save himself. It is the “anti-gospel” precisely because it denies man's fundamental sinful condition necessitating a savior other than himself, shifting ultimate trust to the “arm of flesh,” which brings a curse (Jer. 17:5).

Nature abhors a vacuum. When our genuine trust in God and His Word wanes, Satan is quick to interject an alternative, inevitably shifting our focus from authentic faith to a fleshly counterfeit. We are wide open for Satan's final spiritual deception, designed to entrap both Jew and Gentile.