Morano: Biden Shuts Down U.S. energy, which has the ‘highest environmental standards’ & exchanges it for reliance on China & their ‘lax environmental regs’ | Climate Depot

Epoch Times: Marc Morano is the publisher of the Climate Depot website and author of the book “Green Fraud.” He told Epoch Times that, “The climate activists are actively preventing the Biden administration from achieving the so-called ‘climate goals’ of renewable energy by hampering domestic energy exploration for vital supplies.” … “In short, this means that instead of the U.S. extracting, drilling, or mining for key energy supplies, we are going to outsource it to China and Russia, and other nations. The U.S. has the highest environmental standards in the world and yet by heavily restricting our rare earth mining, we are guaranteeing more imports from China and other nations with much more lax environmental regulations,” Morano said.

“The climate agenda has translated into the U.S. giving up our previous energy dominance in exchange for more dependence on rogue countries for key energy components.”