BLM is back again, trying to shake down businesses for reparations

GFY, Black Lives Matter Global Network. The organization, which specializes in shaking down businesses while enriching its co-founders and their relatives is back at it, once again demanding reparations and demanding American businesses open their wallets to do so, The Blaze reports.

You had to know once they were able to codify Juneteenth as a federal holiday (who actually heard of this before George Floyd’s overdose death?), it was only a matter of time before that wasn’t enough for the radical race-baiters. Like clockwork, they struck this June 19th:


“This year, on the first anniversary of Juneteenth’s designation as a federal holiday, it is imperative that our economy, government, and society demonstrate a true commitment to black emancipation. We want, deserve, and are owed reparations,” BLMGNF demanded in a Medium post. [emphasis added]


It’s never enough for Black Lives Matter. It’s pretty much a given that not one black alive today is owed anything in the way of reparations. And blacks are certainly not the only race or nationality who was enslaved. Italian and Irish at the very least have similar claims, yet you never hear either demanding reparations. Ever. Why should blacks be treated differently? Because they have the loudest voices? Absurd.

Yet here we were on June 19th with BLM doing what they do best—attempting to shake down the business community to “pave the way” for reparations:

“Today, we call upon the same companies who rapidly rallied behind the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 [or risk having their businesses destroyed]: Step into the fullness of your financial positioning and power. Act on your claims to value black life via holistic reparations for black communities and push for reparations,” BLM wrote.