Biden’s Woke Education Dept. Pushes Radical Power-Grab by Expanding Title IX – Headline USA

(Headline USA) The Biden administration proposed a dramatic overhaul of campus sexual assault rules on Thursday that would revert back to widely criticized Obama-era tactics that widen colleges’ responsibilities in addressing allegations of sexual misconduct.

The revised policy opens the door once for the partisan Justice Department once more to use the threat of federal oversight to force schools to submit to their will on a broad spectrum of woke cultural demands—many of which the schools themselves are more than happy to comply to.

The definition of sexual harassment would be expanded to cover a wider range of misconduct. Schools would be required to address any misconduct that creates a “hostile environment” for students, even if the misconduct arises off campus. Most college employees would be required to notify campus officials if they learn of potential sex discrimination.

The proposal also would eliminate a rule requiring colleges to hold live hearings to judge sexual misconduct cases. Live hearings would be allowed under the new policy, but colleges could to appoint a campus “decision-maker” to evaluate evidence and assess students’ credibility.