When Dracula Terrorized Muslim Terrorists | FrontpageMag

This week in history, Vlad the Impaler launched a midnight raid against Muslim invaders that would cause his name to live in eternity as Dracula, the terror of the night.

The year was 1462.  Ottoman sultan Muhammad II (or “Mehmet”) had demanded tribute, by way of gold and Romanian boys to serve as his slave soldiers (janissaries). Vlad III Dracula—better known as Vlad Țepeș, or the “Impaler”—the ruler of Wallachia (modern day Romania) responded by sending the Muslim emissaries back to Muhammad with their turbans nailed onto their heads.

So it would be war. Muhammad mobilized one of the largest Ottoman armies in history, according to some estimates, between 150,000-300,000, and invaded Wallachia, terrorizing all and sundry and engaging in unspeakable atrocities, especially against women and children.  With only some 30,000 men—many of them peasants whose “armor” consisted of sheep’s wool, their weapons axes, scythes, and hammers—Vlad was forced to resort to guerilla tactics.  Though he launched several successful sorties against the Islamic invaders, these barely made a dent in the Ottoman force, which consisted of “Allahu Akbar” screaming jihadists “as numerous as the stars in the sky,” to quote an early source.

Knowing that he could never defeat the invaders, Vlad decided to do the next best thing—decapitate the head of this vast Islamic snake ravaging his country: in an effort to demoralize and disband the Turks, Vlad decided to assassinate the sultan.