Thousands of Cattle in Kansas Have Mysteriously Died as Food Supply Chain Chaos Continues to Worsen

Chaos in food supply chains continues to worsen as thousands of cattle across Kansas have mysteriously died. Officially, at least 2,000 cattle died of “extreme heat and humidity” amid triple-digit temperatures, however skeptics aren’t buying it as viral footage shows hundreds of cows laying upside down.

?? On a ranch in the southwest of the state of Kansas alone, more than 3,000 cattle suddenly fell dead last weekend. According to the farmers, there is no plausible explanation for this mass extinction. Cases like this are currently accumulating in the USA.

— Agent J (@YouMayCallMeJay) June 15, 2022

The high-end of estimates comes from Progressive Farmer Senior Editor Victoria Myers, who reports preliminary estimates from feedlot or feed yards that show 10,000 fat cattle across the state have died because of scorching hot weather.

“What is known is that leading up to these heartbreaking losses, temperatures in the area were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there was humidity, and there was little to no wind to help cool the animals. Temperature readings reported for Ulysses began to exceed the 100-degree mark on June 11. By June 13, the high temperature was reported at 104 degrees, with humidity levels ranging from 18% to 35%. Temperature and humidity levels began to break some on June 14. Just a few days prior to the heat setting in, highs had been in the 80s,” Myers said.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment told Reuters they only know of at least 2,000 cattle deaths due to high temperatures and humidity as of Tuesday.

One farmer insists “wasn’t the heat.”

Others had similar commentary:

I'm in Arizona in the middle of the desert… Never seen cows die like that. Feedlots, dairies like we have here… Never seen cows die of heat. Trust me I live in one of the hottest places in America. Not happening here even with draughts.

— Crypto-Liz-Taylor (@Liz85139) June 15, 2022