New GOP Proposal Will Balance Federal Budget in 7 Years – Headline USA

(Chris Parker, Headline USA) House Republicans have devised a proposal that should balance the federal budget in seven years, with the ambitiously-named “Blueprint to Save America” calling for a series of spending cuts, tax reforms and deregulation to help spur tax revenue through economic growth.

The House Republican Study Committee drafted the proposal to help reduce the nation’s massive federal deficit, reported Just the News. The budget is also designed to save medicare and make social security solvent. Additionally, it includes provisions to maintain healthcare that is both personalized and affordable.

Some of the cuts will end funding for programs that are traditionally strongly supported by leftists. This includes eliminating federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Grants, and the D.C. Opera House, among others.

It also calls for more restrictions on Pell Grants and migration-assistance funding.