Left-wing hate: Nearly half of Democrat men under 50 think it’s okay to assassinate political opponents –

If you still doubted that our country is headed for a second bloody civil war unless we peacefully divide up the country beforehand, a disturbing but revealing new survey released this week should remove any remaining doubts.

The survey, conducted by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center — which figures — found that voters who identified as Democrats were far more likely than those who identified as Republicans to back political violence, up to and including the assassination of political leaders they considered threats to their agenda.

This helps explain why practically no elected Democrats and no left-wing, Democrat-voting ‘pundits’ in the media condemned the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

According to American Military News, the survey, “published June 1, found that 44 percent of Democrat men under the age of 50 said they ‘approve’ of assassinating a politician ‘who is harming our country or democracy.'”