EXCLUSIVE: The Code Behind Google’s Woke Autocorrect

Leaked material from Google provided exclusively to Breitbart News give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a feature rolled out to business and enterprise users of Google Docs that suggests woke-approved replacements for words like “man,” “woman,” “white,” and “master” as users type.

In the examples below, Google’s curated list of non-woke words and their woke replacements can be seen, such as replacing “manhole” with “maintenance hole” and “whitepaper” with “report.”

In some cases, Google can be seen struggling to replace everyday words. “Motherhood,” for example, is replaced with the far less succinct “experience of being a parent or guardian.”

The feature is so clunky and riddled with errors, that Breitbart News’ source within Google, who wishes to remain anonymous, now says the company is going to roll it back.

“This was an amazingly ham-handed feature,” said the Google employee. “A crude (with at least one spelling mistake), manually curated but poorly vetted list of anything vaguely race or gender-related that led to an obviously bad user experience. It’s hard to believe it ever went through user research.”