BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: GOP Election Worker ARRESTED For Not Wearing Face Mask During Training Session At Former TCF Center Where Face Masks Are NOT Mandatory!

In 2020, on the day after the election, GOP poll challengers were bullied, shouted down, and followed around the room by outside agitators. They were arrested and removed from the TCF Center by Detroit Police officers many times for not adhering to made-up rules by supervisors. There were no actions taken against Democrat poll challengers or outside agitators who appeared to be brought in to help Detroit election workers threaten GOP poll challengers and take them off their game.

Many of the GOP poll challengers left the TCF Center the day after the election on their own accord over safety concerns, while the majority of GOP poll challengers who left for lunch were locked out of the counting area. Inside the counting room, Democrats had a section with tables and chairs where their poll challengers and outside agitators could get water and food.

The GOP poll challengers had to go upstairs to a room designated for the workers on the 2nd floor. When they arrived back at the counting room from lunch, they discovered the door to the counting room had been chained shut. Cardboard pizza boxes from the tables where Democrat poll challengers and outside agitators had just finished their lunch were used to cover the windows into the counting area so they couldn’t see into the room.