The W.E.F has its own police force whose badge resembles Daniel’s End-Days prophesy [Watch]

According to Reuters, the WEF security patch was patterned after the region’s emblem, which is also featured on the patches of the local police force. However, all the local police patches have historically featured a ram with two horns. Throughout the years, the ram on the WEF patch is depicted in silhouette, showing a ram with only one horn.


The Biblically-minded will take note of the security patch and its connection to Daniel’s vision of a two-horned ram destroyed by a one-horned goat. Many Biblical scholars explain the ram as a metaphor for Persia while the goat is a metaphor for Greece. 

Rabbi Daniel Asore explained that the WEF was only one branch of the world-conquering ‘goat’ predicted by the Prophet Daniel.

“A shadow world government must necessarily be large with many branches,” Rabbi Asore explained. “The WEF is only one branch, albeit the most significant, with its head, Klaus Schwab, aspiring to be the leader. The other branches may not be formally connected, but they all operate under the same ideology with the ultimate goal of depopulating the world.”

Rabbi Asore noted that some governments are actually creating circumstances that generate food shortages.