Is This What You Had In Mind, America? | Harbingers Daily

Is this what you had in mind, America? Mass shootings one after another… Government paralyzed, not by disagreements, but by hate… The ongoing loss of constitutional rights… Inflation… Stagnation… Despondency, especially among the young… Millions caught in a seemingly unbreakable cycle of poverty.

Is this what you had in mind, America, when you said God had no place in public schools, or when you made local movie theaters a cesspool of illicit sex and explicit satanism? Was this the intent when you made the local mall something like a carnival fun house with music and imagery from the pit of hell?

You made the military a giant guinea pig for social experimentation, turned military academies into institutions of wokeness that hate fundamental American values, and you promoted the most politically correct into the highest positions of authority. Even though the rank and file of your military remains the best in the world, your leaders fail them, as in Afghanistan.