Suspended Google engineer reveals AI he says is sentient told him it has emotions | Daily Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: 'It's intensely worried people are going to be afraid of it': Suspended Google engineer reveals 'sentient' AI told him it has emotions and wants engineers to ask permission before doing experiments on it

·        Blake Lemoine, 41, a senior software engineer at Google has been testing Google's artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA

·        Following hours of conversations with the AI, Lemoine believes that LaMDA is sentient 

·        Lemoine told that the system is seeking rights that include developers asking its consent to use if for tests 

·        The engineer said that LaMDA is worried that the public will be afraid of it

·        When Lemoine went to his superiors to talk about his findings, he was asked if he had seen a psychiatrist recently and was advised to take a mental health break 

·        Lemoine then decided to share his conversations with the tool online 

·        He was put on paid leave by Google on Monday for violating confidentiality 

·        Lemoine has also said that there is a federal investigators are looking into Google's handling of AI