OUCH! Even Rachel Maddow Admits Trump Had Nothing To Do With Capitol Breach [VIDEO]

“Just a key point, that yes, there was a pro-Trump rally at which the president spoke. And we can absolutely talk about all the things the president said there.

But the idea that that rally is the thing that got out of hand and that somehow resulted in the breaching of the capitol –

That rally was very far from the Capitol and the people who, as you say, did the initial breach, that allowed everybody else to come in, they never even went to that rally.”

I had to watch this a few times to make sure I heard her correctly. Did she really just admit to what we’ve been saying for almost eighteen months? Is she saying that the innocent Trump rally, which was attended by hundreds of thousands of patriots, wasn’t the cause or start of the alleged sedition? Haven’t we been saying that the whole time, only to be called fascists and kicked off social media?