Iran Threatens To ‘Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa’ – The Media Line

Iran has threatened to “raze Tel Aviv and Haifa” amid concerns that it is planning attacks on Israelis and Israeli targets abroad.

“Upon an order of the Supreme Leader of the [Islamic] Revolution, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground for any mistake made by the enemy (Israel),” the commander of the Iranian Army’s ground forces, Kiumars Heydari, said on Tuesday, according to the Fars News Agency, the news agency in Iran managed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Heydari also said, according to Fars, that “the Israeli-occupied territories will be liberated in less than 25 years.”  Those occupied territories could mean all of Israel. He noted that the range of the Islamic Republic’s drones and missiles has increased, indicating that they could pose a threat to Israel.