Having thrown everything else at Trump, Jan. 6 Commission today tries the kitchen sink –

Radio and Fox News host Mark Levin tweeted the the purpose of the Jan. 6 committee is to “imprison Trump, destroy the electoral college, and nationalize the voting system.”

Indeed, as Axios reported on Sunday, one of the most vocal Democrats on the committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, is pushing the panel to recommend the U.S. abolish the Electoral College.

Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro, who was charged with contempt of Congress and arrested after ignoring a subpoena to testify before the committee, noted:

“That partisan witch hunt kangaroo court committee which is unduly authorized and not properly constituted … has only one mission, to concoct the fake hoax around Jan. 6 based on criminal charges against Trump to prevent him from running and taking back the White House.”

A Republican congressman who has investigated U.S. Capitol security after the events of Jan. 6 riot said Wednesday that Trump “is not to blame” for any violence that may have occurred that day and warned Democrats’ politicization of the hearings beginning on June 9 has harmed the ability of Congress to improve security.