WTF: Kindergarteners Given Assignment on Masturbation – Headline USA

(Jacob BrunsHeadline USA) A Canadian elementary school sent kindergarten children home with an exploratory masturbation assignment, the Libs of TikTok reported.

The assignment was meant to instruct the children to sketch places in their home where they can masturbate without distraction. It was assigned to four-year-olds at a school in Alert Bay, British Columbia, in Canada.

“Some children like to touch their own private body parts and some children don’t,” they wrote.

“What places in your home are private?” they asked the students before providing space to list their favorite masturbation locations.

“Draw a picture of the private places where you can touch your penis or vulva if you want to,” they instructed.

In the final instruction, the children were encouraged to explore their family rules on masturbation.