What’s in a Slogan? | FrontpageMag

Normally it’s prudent to distrust the words that flow from the mouths of progressives. When they decry “voter suppression” what they’re really upset about is voter I.D.’s – linking ballots to real voters, which would frustrate their desire to rig elections. When they become outraged about a Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade, it’s not loss of the ability to abort the unborn that concerns them, since overturning Roe would not outlaw abortion but merely take it out of the hands of 9 appointed lawyers, and put it in the hands of the popularly elected legislatures of the fifty states. What progressives really want is to destroy the Court itself because an independent judiciary is a threat to their desire for one-party rule. Bottom line: always look for the hidden agendas in what progressives say.

But in the hysteria that has swept their ranks since Alito’s decision on Roe was leaked, and in their zeal to intimidate and coerce the Court into abandoning that decision, they have deployed a slogan which accurately reflects their real agenda and exposes its criminal intent. “ABORT THE COURT” is the chant progressive mobs have chosen to sew fear into the hearts of the conservative justices and their families to dissuade them from supporting the Alito decision.

ABORT THE COURT is the true agenda of a party that seeks through fear to coerce the judiciary into bending to its will. ABORT THE COURT is the actual desire of a party that has totally politicized the process by which Supreme Court Justices are confirmed; that openly seeks to pack the court and make it an appendage of the political process; that supports a Senate Majority leader who has threatened conservative justices by name for having judicial philosophies with which he disagrees; and which progressives generally have smeared as racists and “Uncle Toms” for failing to support their interpretations of the Constitution.