What’s in a Slogan? | FrontpageMag

ABORT THE COURT is the true agenda of a party that seeks through fear to coerce the judiciary into bending to its will. ABORT THE COURT is the actual desire of a party that has totally politicized the process by which Supreme Court Justices are confirmed; that openly seeks to pack the court and make it an appendage of the political process; that supports a Senate Majority leader who has threatened conservative justices by name for having judicial philosophies with which he disagrees; and which progressives generally have smeared as racists and “Uncle Toms” for failing to support their interpretations of the Constitution.

ABORT THE COURT is just the tip of the iceberg towards which the ship of state guided by progressive winds is heading. ABORT THE CONSTITUTION is the actual import of the illegal protests of progressives threatening the homes and safety of justices they oppose. ABORT THE CONSTITUTION is the obvious target of a party that proposes eliminating the Electoral College, attacks the Senate as “undemocratic,” abhors the First and Second Amendments, opposes Voter I.D.s, and seeks to criminalize anyone who questions the result of an election they have won..