Extensive survey finds half a million Germans experienced severe COVID-19 vaccine injuries –

A survey involving nearly 40,000 Germans at one of the biggest hospitals in Europe has found a high rate of severe side effects from COVID-19 vaccines that are lasting months or even longer.

Among the findings of the study was a rate of 8 serious side effects per 1,000 vaccinated people, which is 40 times the 0.2 estimated by German vaccine watchdog the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

The lead researcher of the study, Dr. Harald Matthes, estimates that around half a million Germans have experienced serious side effects after getting the jabs based on these

stats. While 80 percent of those with severe reactions have recovered within three to six months, 20 percent continue to experience symptoms.

In other words, 100,000 Germans are currently dealing with long-term serious side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. This finding prompted Matthes to call on the government to take those claiming they have been injured by vaccines more seriously and offer them dedicated outpatient care.