WATCH: Fox Reveals GOP Plan to CRUSH Biden’s Ministry of Truth | Newsbusters

“Critics also have a problem with the board's new director. Nina Jenkowitz worked as a disinformation expert at a DC think tank before coming on to lead the group,” Spunt noted, adding that her “online presence is vast, with past comments from criticizing the Hunter Biden laptop as a Trump campaign product to videos of her singing about misinformation.”

Before handing it back to Roberts, Spunt added that the “Department of Homeland Security has been tracking disinformation for years” and only the disinformation board is new. The head of this board, Nina Jankowitz also put out a statement recently which Spunt read on air: “I would consider working for any administration with a solid respect for the truth and Democratic and human rights — whether conservative or liberal.”

Nobody believes Nina Jenkowitz would work for a Republican President, unless it was a liberal Republican. Even then its doubtful. She's a rabid leftist partisan. Jankowitz claiming she would work for a Republican is like Rachel Maddow announcing she would be willing to serve as Press Secretary for a Republican President.