True the Vote is about to drop an information bomb regarding election fraud – American Thinker

In his smash-hit move, 2000 Mules, Dinesh D'Souza carefully, and entertainingly, demonstrated how True the Vote, a voter integrity organization, was able to prove incontrovertibly that left-wing non-profits used mules to stuff ballots, bringing in, at a minimum, hundreds of thousands of Biden votes in swing states.  The movie, however, describes the data without releasing them and does not identify the non-profits.  Now, though, True the Vote is planning to publish everything.  That's an information bomb that should blow apart any claims that Biden's victory wasn't the result of massive fraud.

The genius of True the Vote was that it figured out how to use commercially available cell phone location data, along with videos of drop boxes, to prove that, in the five critical swing states that gave the election to Joe Biden, leftist non-profits used mules to deliver dozens of ballots to drop boxes.  The numbers are staggering: at a minimum, 400,000 illegal ballots in the states that turned the election in Biden's favor.