Ottawa Police make special appeal to recruit ‘female or racialized candidates’ to serve as officers – LifeSite

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — The Ottawa Police Service announced as part of an employment hiring campaign that it is seeking “female or racialized candidates to help us better reflect the communities we serve.”

On Tuesday, Ottawa Police launched its campaign in search of new officers. “There has never been a better time to apply to the Ottawa Police Service,” the department tweeted.

“We’re looking for female or racialized candidates to help us better reflect the communities we serve,” the tweet continued, but did not explain the meaning of “racialized candidates.”

“The Ottawa Police Service continuously strives to deliver service that is effective and responsive to the needs of our evolving community,” the job description read. “As such, we are looking for people of various, diverse backgrounds and experiences to complement our service as we strive to reflect the community we serve.”

In the past two years, police have been called upon to enforce the COVID-19 restrictions across Canada. A vivid example of this is when police conducted a highway arrest of Pastor Arthur Pawlowski for breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

The recent Freedom Convoy in Canada proved to be another instance in which police arrested those not complying with restrictions.

During the protests at Parliament Hill, Canadians witnessed unprecedented police brutality as officers on horseback trampled an elderly aboriginal woman.