PRAY AGAINST THIS NOW….The Senate Is About to Vote on Allowing the Professional Killing of Little Children

Yet this absurd bill is based on the assumption that abortion is a benign medical procedure involving only one person. It glosses over the fact that abortion is the only medical procedure involving two patients that has as its purpose the direct and deliberate killing of one of the patients. Why is there no mention of this patient?

The act goes on to babble about “safety,” but the safety record of abortion is abysmal because the life of the unborn child is not taken into account. For the second and most vulnerable patient, abortion is purposefully and lethally unsafe. The natural safety of the mother’s womb is penetrated by the abortion “provider” and the child being nurtured and protected there is destroyed, deliberately and without due process.

The patient seeking the medicalized execution of her unborn child is not required, the act says, to disclose any reason or reasons for doing so. Why is there no due process, as required under the 14th Amendment? Because the supporters of the bill have agreed that the unborn child at risk of abortion is not a human being like us but just a person’s property.