‘Fountain of youth’ to prevent some effects of aging may have surprising source: study | Fox News

We have long searched for ways to slow or prevent the inevitable effects of aging. But a new study suggests we might have to close our eyes and pinch our nose to drink the fountain of youth.

Fecal transplants, where one stool is implanted into another, from young to old mice, reversed some of the effects of aging in the retina and brain, according to a recent paper published in Microbiome


“This ground-breaking study provides tantalizing evidence for the direct involvement of gut microbes in ageing and the functional decline of brain function and vision and offers a potential solution in the form of gut microbe replacement therapy,” said Simon Carding, head of the Gut Microbes and Health Research Programme at the Quadram Institute in the United Kingdom.


It's well known that many diseases are associated with changes in the types and behavior of germs in the gut with some changes in the composition of these microorganisms occurring as we age, such as with inflammatory bowel diseases, cardiovascular, autoimmune, metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders, according to the statement on the study.