Even Democrats Oppose Protests at Homes of Supreme Court Justices – The New American

The polling company asked 1,083 citizens, who say they are likely to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, “Do you believe that publishing the home addresses of the five U.S. Supreme Court Justices and calling for protests at their private homes is an acceptable way to protest the High Court’s upcoming decision on Roe v. Wade?”

Three-quarters of them said “no,” with just barely 16 percent saying “yes.” But when sorted by party affiliation, a jaw-dropping 66 percent of Democrats said “no.”

When asked about Biden’s refusal to condemn the protests, a majority (52.3 percent) said that refusal only encourages them to become unlawful or violent. But among Democrats, more than a quarter agree (27.7 percent) that his refusal to condemn those protests only encourages them to become violent.

Such a refusal to condemn has also turned unaffiliated likely voters against the Democratic Party’s soft-headed response. Nearly 55 percent of them told Trafalgar that that refusal to condemn “encourage[s] protests to become unlawful or violent.”