Biden administration runs ads in Central America asking migrants not to come | Washington Examiner

The Biden administration is blitzing social media in Guatemala and Honduras with advertisements meant to deter people from migrating to the United States and crossing the border illegally.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced on Wednesday that it began a cross-border digital ad campaign targeting the two Central American countries, the points of origin for many migrants, ahead of the anticipated end of Title 42, the pandemic policy for turning away migrants at the border.

“The ads deliver a clear message: Smugglers are lying to you. The fact is that entering the United States illegally is a crime. The ads highlight smugglers, known as ‘coyotes,’ who take advantage of and profit from vulnerable migrants,” CBP said in a press release.

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said the campaign was part of the Biden administration's efforts to deter illegal migration. Border Patrol has rescued more migrants over the past year and a half than any other time on record, while deaths in custody or while being apprehended have also risen.

The ads are in Spanish, with English text at the bottom. They warn: “The coyote lied to us. Entering the USA illegally is a crime. Say no to the coyote.”

Others state the coyotes took a child or father away from a family and warn not to let the coyotes “destroy” other families. A fourth ad says that the coyote “swindled” the migrants out of money. Each ad contains a link to a U.S. government website that has more information urging migrants not to pay cartels to smuggle them into the U.S.

The ads will run through mid-July. The administration did not say how much was being spent on the campaign.