Citizens’ Log – May 10 – How the fall of human civilization was pulled off through the deliberate destruction of the PHYSICAL infrastructure that keeps humanity alive –

What’s clear is that the criminal cabal currently running the world is meticulously working to exterminate the human race — a kind of planetary-scale “ethnic cleansing.” The excuse they’ve come up with is “climate change” – a delusional fairy tale that claims carbon dioxide kills plants (it actually does exactly the opposite) and that a colder planet Earth would be “greener” (again, it’s exactly the opposite of reality).


Under the camouflage of “climate change,” the world’s Western nations have dismantled their energy infrastructure, shutting down pipelines, halting drilling, punishing coal miners and waging economic warfare on the entire energy infrastructure. As the collapse accelerates, the globalists order people to, “Go green!” but offer no practical way to actually transition from oil to anything else.