Op-Ed: Biden’s Response to Roe v. Wade Could Threaten Any and All of Our Constitutional Rights

Even the very headline of the article is concerning: “I Spent 7 Months Studying Supreme Court Reform. We Need to Pack the Court Now.” The position of Roosevelt, who reported directly to Biden, can be summarized by the following excerpts from his piece:

“The most prominent face of this problem [with the Supreme Court] today is abortion. … It will not be surprising if the national majority’s view about Roe v. Wade does not prevail on the Court, even while national polls show strong majorities in support of preserving Roe. … We are witnessing a minority takeover of our democracy. … It is the Republican party attacking democracy, and the Supreme Court is helping it. … The only reform that fixes this problem now is court expansion. That could give us a majority of Justices who would defend democracy against these [Republican] assaults instead of participating in them.”