UK government data shows NOBODY should take the COVID vaccines

The official mortality data from the UK government Office of National Statistics shows that the all-cause mortality rate for vaccinated people is higher than the unvaccinated for the data range from January 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022 for all age cohorts EXCEPT for people over 90 where the data was not reliable enough to make an assessment. If the 90+ were similar to the other groups, it would be close to an even call. But a medical intervention that has no benefit isn’t justifiable.

In other words, I was right, and all the world’s health authorities were wrong and you can verify these numbers yourself.

This is precisely why health officials never showed us the ACM data. Because it would be an admission that they killed people.

Finally, I believe this story is an exclusive. I don’t think anyone else (on either side of the debate) has realized that this data has been in plain sight for months and it destroys the government case that people should get the vaccine.

NOBODY should get these vaccines, unless they want to increase their chance of dying.