Reporter’s Notebook: Russian TV host sees ’empty planet’ if Ukraine-Russia war goes nuclear | Fox News

He seemed a little too much even for the hosts of Russia's militant “60 Minutes” program. 

“One Sarmat and the British Isles are gone,” bellowed Duma member Alexei Zhuravlev, referring to one of Russia's newest intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The husband-and-wife team of Olga Skabeyeva, sometimes referred to as Russian President Vladimir Putin's “Iron Doll,” and Yevgeny Popov,  also a Duma deputy, made what appeared to be attempts to rein their guest in. But, in the end, they let him rip. Soon, graphics took over the TV screen showing Russian nukes' travel time to Europe and Britain. It lasted a matter of seconds.

 asked Yevgeny Popov if he was, in fact, rattled by the nuclear saber-rattling on the air that night. The answer was yes.

“Because there will be no winner in this kind of war,” he said. “We will have an empty planet with no humans living.”

But Popov went on to accuse the West of threatening Russia with its comments about wanting to see the country weakened, though the U.S.'s posture has been in the context of getting Putin to stop the war on Ukraine.