‘Persons of color’ growing hostile to whites, bumping into them on streets amid fake claims of mass racism

The report adds:

The woman, known as Katie Grace Jacobs (@katiegracejacobs) shared the video as a stitch to another TikToker’s (@oliviachow69) advice. The latter TikToker shared a viral video advising people of color, especially women, to refuse to move for white people when walking and see how many of them move out of the way.

Jacobs decided to try it, saying she’d never noticed that many white people don’t move for others. In her video, she covers her mouth, then gasps and laughs.

The video shows Jacobs walking down a city sidewalk navigating between people who did not move for her, appearing to bump into several people as a result — meaning she was being the aggressor and was purposely provoking a confrontation with others simply based on the color of their skin. Blatant, open racism.

According to The Daily Dot, as of the outlet’s report, the video had been viewed more than 1.3 million times, leading other TikTok users to chime in and say they had not noticed before, either.