In fight for ABORTION, the radical Left suddenly rediscovers the gender of WOMEN. but wants to exploit women to justify VIOLENCE against infants –

It’s almost too hilarious to cover in a serious tone. The same radical left-wing nutjobs who have been screaming for the last two years about how there’s “no such thing as a woman” while demanding biological men should have access to women’s sports, women’s locker rooms and women’s public restrooms, are all suddenly now claiming “women’s rights” must be respected by all.

When the Left wants to mass murder babies, suddenly “women” count again. You know why? Because it would sound totally stupid to claim to be fighting for “abortion rights for men.”

Even though that’s exactly what the Left believes… that MEN might need abortions, too. So they use “women” as a kind of human shield to justify the carrying out of medical violence against infants and unborn children.