US officials admit routinely spreading false information about Russia-Ukraine war – LifeSite

Following many years of government and legacy media lies across broad spectrums of topics, perhaps intensifying most recently with regard to the COVID-19 phenomenon and the relentless pushing of its dangerous and ineffective experimental gene-based “vaccines,” many may wonder if they can trust government information on other significant matters, particularly the current war in Ukraine. 

Remarkably, according to NBC News, government officials have answered this question in the negative by admitting that they regularly circulate war-related “intelligence” which they rate as “low-confidence,” “based more on analysis than hard evidence,” or which is just simply false, as a means of fighting an “information war against Russia.” 

The April 6 article reported that officials have deliberately imparted false or poorly evidenced claims regarding possible chemical or false flag attacks from Russia, that Putin was “being misled by his own advisers,” and that Russia was petitioning China for military assistance.