Russian state TV simulates terrifying nuclear strike on Europe amid UK WW3 warning – World News – Mirror Online

Russian state TV simulated a terrifying nuclear strike on Europe, declaring there would be “no survivors” in a TV rant in response to UK support for Ukraine.

Putin propagandists on TV recreated nuclear strikes on three European capitals, claiming the nukes would hit Paris, Berlin, and London in around 200 seconds.

As tensions continue to ramp up amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, there’s growing concern that the rest of the world may be dragged into the fighting.

In response to comments made by the UK’s Armed Forces Minister in support of Ukrainian attacks on Russia, hosts on Channel One’s 60 Minutes programme claimed the nukes could strike European capitals less than four minutes after being launched.

The terrifying claims about Russia ’s nukes were made on the popular TV show which is one of the country's most watched.