The General Mills Factory Has Been DEVESTATED By A Raging Fire! –

Nearly two dozen food processing facilities across Canada and the US were damaged by a string of fires, plane crashes, and explosions.

The number of destroyed food processing plants surged after Biden warned last month of the possible ‘Food Shortages’ in the coming months.

This makes me even wonder, is all of this a coincidence?

Well, WLT gives us more details of that this might not be a coincidence after all.


We have been bringing you reports of over 20 food processing plants, and headquarters of food processing companies, which have been damaged or destroyed for the last week.

A General Mills facility was recently hit by a plane in Georgia, and we even brought you a story of another plant facing a similar fate in Idaho.

The latest reports indicate that yet another General Mills facility has been damaged in some way—this time by a fire.

This brings the grand total to 22 food processing plants or headquarters, that we know of, which have been destroyed or damaged in some way over the course of just 1 week…

Tucker Carlson made sure to take note of the mysterious plane which crashed into the General Mills facility in Georgia:

Why are so many food processing plants and warehouses catching fire all of a sudden? And as I was sitting in the studio getting ready for the report… a plane crashed at a General Mills food facility in Georgia. I discussed the issue on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

— Jason Rantz on KTTH Radio (@jasonrantz) April 22, 2022