Report: Big Tech Caught Tilting the Scales for Biden; Changed Outcome of 2020 Election – The New American

A recent report affirms what many have suspected — and anecdotal evidence has suggested — over the past two years: Big Tech has been placing its thumb on the political scales. The report comes from the Media Research Center (MRC), which says that through its CensorTrack database, it found over 640 cases of Big Tech platforms intervening on Biden’s behalf.

“Big Tech’s campaign to protect President Joe Biden and his agenda has continued unabated,” according to the report, which lists “more than 640 examples of bans, deleted content and other speech restrictions placed on those who criticized Biden on social media over the past two years.”

Of the 646 examples listed, many of those were “cases of Big Tech censoring people over the New York Post’s bombshell Hunter Biden story in late 2020.” In all, MRC/Free Speech America found 140 cases of Big Tech silencing mentions of the Post’s explosive story of Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine, as shown in data discovered on his abandoned laptop. While that story — breaking just weeks before the 2020 election — would almost certainly have put Biden in a deservedly bad light, Big Tech made sure that would not happen.